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Hornsgatan Ramblers

Hornsgatan Ramblers is a jazz octet from Stockholm Sweden. Their emphasis is on thirties and forties swing, striving after the sound of the small bands of giants, such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Benny Goodman. This paired with the bands’ own adaptations and arrangements of big band originals has given the  Ramblers a sound of their own.

By now their music has brought them to countries such as Korea, China, Greece, Italy, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Denmark, Lithuania, UK, Belgium, Netherlands and beyond. And of course all over Sweden.

The band was started in the autumn of 2009, when a few swing dancers in Stockholm decided to form a band and to start playing the music that they loved to dance to. The band name comes from a street in the neighbourhood in Stockholm where the world famous Chicago Swing Dance Studio is located – and in which the very first rehearsals took place.

Several of the band members also dance in the renowned swing dance company The Hot Shots, teach swing dancing, and have won and judged numerous dance contests all over the world.

  • Fredrik Dahlberg – trumpet/vocals 
  • Rikard Ekstrand – piano/vocals 
  • Johan Tengholm – double bass/vocals
  • Gustav Lindström – trombone 
  • Sakarias Larsson – drums
  • Christopher Mair – banjo/guitar/vocals 
  • Wilhelm Novák – clarinet/soprano saxophone 
  • Patrik Pettersson – tenor saxophone

Ibis Maria


Vincenzo Fesi

Vincenzo Fesi is a worldwide recognised dancer, teacher and choreographer. As a real globetrotter, he teaches and perform at the most prestigious swing dance events around the world. Cape Town, Melbourne, Paris, Stockholm, Seoul and London are just some of the cities where he is invited as a guest every other weekend.

He was born at Lake Como, but Roma adopted him three years ago. Inspired by the incomparable Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Frankie Manning Vincenzo Fesi dances the Lindy Hop, the Balboa, the tap dance and many other jazz styles.

With his dark eyes and skin and his contagious smile, Vincenzo looks like a 1940’s movie star and brings enthusiasm on stage all over the world.

Being more famous abroad than in the Bel Paese, Vincenzo is the Italian star that shines in the lively international swing dance scene.

Vincenzo organizes intensive workshops for beginners and professional dancers alike both in Como and in Roma. He has a specific teaching method that he developed throughout his years of experience in the fields. When he teaches and when he performs, Vincenzo gives off a contagious energy that drives his audience crazy. Since 2006 he organizes one of the most popular events in the world:

Swing Crash Festival alongside Isabella Gregorio. The event takes place every June in Como. Inspired by old movies and newspapers of the golden age of jazz music, they organize an event with several live orchestras and hundreds of dancers that turn the city of Como into a magic place.

Vincenzo was special guest of it the TV show Dancing with the Stars; he was the MC for Hermes at the “Vogue Fashion Night Out” in London; he led the main role of the short movie Lago di Seta, directed by Renee George and he was the first one to bring the dance at the 38th edition of the Roma Jazz Festival directing a choreographing project with the Massimo Nunzi’s Orchestra Operaia.

Vincenzo is not only a dancer. He choreographs, sings, presents radio shows and he is also a capable story teller of the history of jazz dance. In 2014 he wrote the preface of the Italian edition of the book “Frankie Manning: ambasciatore dello swing”.

Moe Sakan

Moe Sakan has had professional training in many types of dance, including jazz, ballet, tap and contemporary dance.

In 1999 Moe fell in love with the world of Swing, and ever since this has been her dance of choice. Moe moved to London in 2000, bringing a sparkle to the local swing dancing scene, and soon became the UK’s top female swing dancer.

An active social and competition dancer, she is proud to have won numerous competition titles. In 2017, she had the honour of being inducted into the Camp Hollywood Hall Of Fame.

Moe travels the world extensively both performing and teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa and Shag.

She has also enjoyed dancing for several productions, including theatre, television and films.

Well known as a vintage enthusiast, Moe is passionate about the music and fashion of the Swing era. Her dedication to the culture is also reflected in her attitude towards the dance, as she constantly endeavours to recreate an authentic style, and her passion certainly reflects the spirit of the dance as it was back in the day.

Vassiliki Papadopoulou

Vassiliki Papadopoulou has been dancing since she was 8 years old, starting with classical ballet, followed by contemporary, ballroom and Latin dances. At the age of 19, she found her passion in Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz, which charmed her with the energy and creativity that characterises them. Since then, she has been dancing non stop, having attended numerous workshops in Greece and abroad.

She loves teaching, performing and competing. In lindy hop and authentic jazz dances, she finds freedom, energy and joy, as they  are for her a way of creative expression and a constant source of inspiration. She is currently located in her hometown, Athens, where she is teaching Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz as a member of Rhythm Hoppers’ team.

Vasco André Wate

Vasco André Wate (Mitó) – Dancer and teacher

Born in Tete, Mozambique, Mitó is an artist and choreographer of Mozambican traditional, contemporary and Afro-swing dance.

He currently lives in Leipzig, Germany.

Mito professional career includes performances at swing festivals in Mozambique, participation in international festivals and conducting unique workshops.

Mitó teaches highly physical and dynamic techniques, influenced by the diversity of traditional Mozambican dance, body postures, movement shapes and designs, aesthetic feelings, interpretation of humanity and the environment.  Her classes include physical coordination, strength and body awareness exercises.

Frida Häggström Gerdt

Frida Häggström Gerdt is a passionate swing dancer from Stockholm, Sweden. She’s been into jazz music since her early teens and was thrilled to discover that there was a dance devoted to it when she discovered Lindy hop in 2009. After a couple of beginner courses, social dancing quickly took over and the dance and everything around it became an extensive part of her life.

In 2015 she joined forces with The Hot Shots (formerly known as Harlem Hot Shots) and has been a solid member of the dance company since 2018. Together with the group, she’s travelled to teach and perform both locally and internationally. She is committed to sharing her love for the dance and the music that drives it, and when it comes to teaching as well as dance in general, she greatly values rhythm, simplicity and personal expression.

Fredrik Dahlberg

Fredrik Dahlberg was born and raised in Stockholm. Never had he a thought of becoming a dancer.  Instead he spent his days listening to Hip-Hop and playing  basketball. He moved to the south side and started to show interest in jazz music. One of his friends took him to a lindy hop class and at first he didn’t show much of talent, struggling with what was left and right and up and down.

Soon after he joined the famous swing dance company The Hot Shots. How was this even possible? With a mind set on nothing else (that is not entirely true) and some luck some might say. With a big portion of individual style and new ideas he brings something refreshing to the scene. He tried tap (and is still trying), but on the other hand he has advanced in dances like the lindy hop, the charleston and several other vernacular jazz dances which has entitled him several big awards in only a short period of time. He has been teaching in several international events such as Frankie 100, Herräng Dance Camp, Camp Jitterbug and traveled to perform around the globe in such places as Singapore, Greece, Korea, South Africa, Lithuania, China, Australia, France, Brazil, Canada, The U.S., Mozambique among other.

He is also an important part of the puzzle Chicago Swing Dance Studio where he has been teaching, djing, cleaning, providing guests with a smile and dancing at every opportunity he gets. Fredrik is a time optimist and an optimist in general. In his free time, which is almost non-existent, he writes poetry, quotes the Godfather trilogy and watches the NBA. Besides his mother tongue Swedish he also speaks fluent English and practices Portugues. You can contact him through the record store ‘runtrunt’ where he claims to be working. If he works or not is a good question but at least we know that’s where he practices his footworks and crazy ideas. He also plays the trumpet and is learning to play piano.

Wayne James

Wayne James is a dancer, choreographer, filmmaker and DJ, he is well credited as
being one of the main pioneers of the UK Jazz Dance scene and setting the bench
mark to what the style has become today. He started dancing in the early 80s in his
hometown and place of birth Leeds, West Yorkshire. After being a regular fixture in
the local clubs and parties, Wayne started his first dance Group/ Company named
The Firm. There dance style was based on funk, disco, boogie, jazz – funk, soul and
jazz. This eclectic mix of styles grew from within the group and eventually they
concentrated mainly on Funk Fusion and Jazz Fusion, which become their main
style of dancing.

Wayne soon moved to London where he was looking to improve his technical
understanding of movement and dance, winning a scholarship to attend West Street
and the prestigious Urdang Academy, Covent Garden. This time in full time dance
training was spent working on building a strong foundation in which to improve and
adapt his street jazz style of dance.

While at Urdang Wayne co-formed a new company called the Brothers in Jazz,
which incorporated all the technique learnt in dance school, putting it into street jazz
and UK Be-Bop Style was born. Be Bop heavily emphasized precision, power,
speed, control, musicality and style and soon spread across the clubs of London, the
UK and beyond.

Brothers in Jazz went on to do shows in Europe, Japan and the USA ranging from
theatre, television, documentaries, film, commercials and more…. Within this time
Wayne started teaching student’s in Japan and Europe the styles of Be Bop and UK
Jazz passing on the UK’s first street jazz dance and now adding music and film to is
body of work, Wayne is considered a living embodiment of the style and history of
the dance.

Masumi Endo

At the top of the page stands Masumi Endo, a talented a multifaceted artist known for her prowess as a dancer, choreographer, and dedicated teacher.

Originating from Japan, Masumi’s profound love for dance was kindled during her time at the International Dance College Tokyo Steps Arts. It was there that she was first captivated by the vibrant UK jazz dance culture, an encounter that would shape the course of her artistic journey. Masumi’s remarkable talent led her to triumph in the fiercely competitive Boppin Jive Grand Championship, an esteemed event showcasing the electrifying UK jazz dance style. Fueled by a relentless desire to evolve, she fearlessly embarked on a new chapter by relocating to the United Kingdom.

Masumi has had the honor of collaborating with iconic UK jazz dancers, including the esteemed Brothers In Jazz, the dynamic IDJ, the spirited JazzCotech, and the revered Steinway Artist and musician, Robert Mitchell. Her  performances have graced the stages of prestigious international Jazz and Performing Arts Festivals, leaving an indelible impression on audiences . From the celebrated London Jazz Festival to the Norway Bergen Art Fest,  Edinburgh Fringe, the soul-stirring Jazz Refound in Italy, the groundbreaking Jazz Rewired in the UK, and the grandeur of the Guildhall Big Band Concert, Masumi has woven her artistic tapestry across the globe.

As a performer and choreographer, Masumi’s unwavering dedication to the art form extends to her role as an educator. Her expertise and passion have earned her invitations as a guest lecturer at universities and the opportunity to conduct workshops in local communities brimming with adoration for jazz. Committed to nurturing aspiring dancers, Masumi devotes herself to teaching regular classes in the vibrant city of London.

In her classes, Masumi creates an inclusive and dynamic environment that encourages students to explore their own creative expression and cultivate their unique style. She serves as a bridge between music and dance, allowing the essence of jazz to permeate every fiber of her being. Embracing the exhilarating energy of jam sessions, she thrives on the art of improvisation and the boundless possibilities of artistic expression within the realm of jazz music. With each choreographic creation, Masumi endeavors to share the profound spirit of jazz, fostering a harmonious fusion of music and dance that transcends boundaries and inspires a new generation of passionate performers to embrace the timeless allure of this captivating genre.

Sakarias Larsson

Sakarias “The Champ” Larsson was born and raised in Frufällan, on the west side of Sweden. He watched jitterbug contests as a kid and there were some things with the music and the aesthetics of the dance that spoke to him and he decided to learn. One thing led to another and already at sixteen he started practice with The Rhythm Hot Shots. That was 20 years ago and he’s been with the group ever since.

The amount of hours he’s spent in the rehearsal studio is probably beyond sane. The recent past years he’s focused on sharing what he knows with the younger generation of Harlem Hot Shots. He finds motivation from his friends in the group, they keep him young.

Sakarias is on a never ending world tour in the name of lindy hop with probably 1000s of shows, teaching gigs and competitions. Apollo Theatre, Frankie 95 and 100, Basie Centennial, Last Bounce, Jazz Jam, ULHC, several tours in USA, Asia, Australia and Europe (only to name a few). He made it to the finals in Sweden’s Got Talent and out of 100s of dancers he was casted among the top 20 to enter the reality tv dance show Floor Filler. He’s also one of the founders of Chicago swing dance studio, one of the more famous lindy hop and jazz venues in Stockholm today.

He actually met and knew some of the original swing dancers of Harlem and he was good friends with Frankie Manning. The dancers from the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers are his true idols. But he also finds a lot of inspiration in modern day dancers such as Peter Loggins, Minn Vo, Jeremy Otth and of course Vincenzo Fesi.
A few years back he decided to try something else and wanted to be a rock ‘n’ roller. He started learning the drums and soon joined and started touring with the well recognised band The Vanjas. He’s also the drummer of the travelling jazz band Hornsgatan Ramblers. As if that wasn’t enough, surfing, tattooing, playing the saxophone, film making and graphical design are only a few of his other “professions”. He’s a man of contradictions: a performer with stage freit, a teacher with social anxiety, a people loving lone wolf.

Felix Berghäll

Felix Berghäll is a choreographer, performer and educator as well as a music researcher and DJ in Lindy Hop and African American Vernacular Jazz. He has studied Sport Coaching and Sport Science at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Science in Stockholm. He has been part of the national team as an athlete in Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop and is now Co-Head Coach with his partner Mikaela Hellsten for the national team of Lindy Hop in Sweden.

He has also been working the last 5 years co-organising one of the biggest events in the world with focus on Lindy Hop and African American Vernacular Jazz, Herräng Dance Camp. He just resigned from his position at Herräng Dance Camp in November 2021.

Felix has been dancing since he was 8 years old, starting with training and competing in the Swedish dance style Bugg as well as Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie and Double Bugg. All dances derived from Lindy Hop and African American Vernacular Jazz. He was in love from the beginning and was really, and still is taken by the music.

Currently, he is also part of leading a new NGO as board member and treasurer, Collective Voices for Change, along with other dancers and scholars in order to create a platform to address social issues in the Jazz dance community. The current focus of the initiative is to discuss the issues of cultural appropriation and racial injustice