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Instructors – ISF 2022

Felipe Braga

Felipe grew up in an environment where music, dance, and rhythms are a part of everyday life.
Spending most of his youth in music studios, theatre productions and performing absurd
theatre sketches in a local theater in his hometown in Brazil, Felipe only encountered Swing
Dancing when he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to study film making.
Feeling drawn to Jazz Music and the beauty of the social dance culture, Felipe’s pursuit in the
Jazz Dances took him to the biggest dance camps and competitions around the world.
There he would learn more about the origins and history of this culture that had captivated him.
In the next few years, Felipe would establish himself as an avid performer and instructor,
sharing his passion and love for Jazz history, music and dance.

Vassia Panayiotou

Vassia Panagiotou is a Jazz Dance performer, educator and choreographer focusing on African American Vernacular Jazz and Lindy Hop. Her love for the Jazz Dances has led her to an ongoing pursuit of delving into the history of Jazz culture. She studies original video clips, focusing on the legacy of the dancers in Harlem and the tradition of the female performance troupes in night clubs and theaters such as the Cotton Club and the Apollo Theatre (Chorus Lines).

To get a deeper understanding of the culture, she is also studying jazz music. She is practicing tap dance focusing on the musical, improvisational aspect of the art form as it was danced by the hoofers in Harlem. She regularly participates in Athens Tap Jams and studies Jazz improvisation with the guidance of Andreas Papagiannakopoulos.She travels across Europe to teach, perform and compete. She has worked with many well established dancers in the community, including Marie N’Diaye who introduced her to the tradition of the chorus lines and encouraged her to have her own performance troupe in her hometown. 

Nils Nygardh

Nils was born and raised in Mora, Sweden, and moved to Stockholm in 2006. He started dancing Lindy Hop at the Swedish Swing Society in 2009 and in 2016 he became a member of the swing dance company The Hot Shots (former Harlem Hot Shots). The rhythm is always central to his dancing, which is not surprising with his background as a drummer. He also has a love for fast and acrobatic dancing.

Lizette Rönnkvist

Lizette is a dancer, stage performer and actress combined. When she dances she tells a story and it’s a delight to watch. Her goal as a dancer is to always improve. There’s nothing better than sharing the stage with good friends and execute a powerful dance act she says. The swing dancing has always been close to her heart. Growing up she competed successfully in lindy hop and 2006 she won the junior world championships in Boogie Woogie.

She’s a fast learner and could master any choreography with only a few run-throughs (in contradiction to her otherwise non existing memory). There’s been times when she was called in for shows only hours before the premiere and she’s been knowing the choreographies better then any other person on stage.

Alexandre McCormack

Alex is Benelux vice champion in breakdancing and has been teaching urban dances for over 14 years. Later, McCormack discovered old clips such as Hellzapoppin and Spirit Moves, and said to himself “that’s how I want to dance this dance”. He decided to ongo the never ending journey of studying “oldschool” style of Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz. For him, originality and authenticity comes from individual expression while remaining true to the dance and its founders. He will jam for hours into the early morning to uptempo Bebop Swing, shaky Mambo and slow Blues. Back in Brussels, he trains with his group, the Old Soulz.

Jill De Muelenaere

Jill started dancing when she was a child. She is trained in classical ballet, modern jazz and jazz dance, contemporary dance and yoga. She has been teaching these different disciplines for the past years, now sharing her time between her passion for dancing, her work as a contemporary dance producer, a massage therapist and a yoga instructor. She discovered lindy hop while at University and since then has been performing, teaching and attending numerous workshops around the world.

Specifically inspired by the authentic vernacular dancing showed in old movies and the african roots of the dance, Jill is ceaselessly in search for a sense of freedom within the dance. In class her goal is to create a joyful yet challenging and encouraging experience for everyone allowing each dancer to develop their own individuality in their dancing.